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IN-NAMES is a member of Nominet, the UK domain name registry. IN-NAMES follows a code of conduct for all UK domain names which complies with the guidelines defined for all Nominet registrars.Nominet is the central registry of all .uk domains. When you register a .uk domain you enter into a contract with Nominet, the terms of which can be found here

Registration and Nominet Data Quality Policy

All UK registrations follow a procedure requiring the registrar (IN-NAMES) to record details of the registration which complies with the Nominet Data Quality Policy:

Nominet will perform data completeness checks which we will make upon submission or modification of registrant data. We will reject requests that do not pass these checks.

Registrant name

  • A registrant name must be submitted
  • This must contain at least 4 characters and of these 3 or more must be letters

Address format

  • Street 1 contains non-numeric information (not just number)
  • Post town
  • Country
  • Post code where applicable for that country

Phone number format

Where provided, a phone number must be in the following format:

  • Begin with a “+”
  • Followed with a country code
  • Digits after country code

Email format

  • Contains an ’@’
  • Ends with a valid TLD (Top Level Domain)
  • Contains at least one character before the “@”
  • Must not have any trailing or leading spaces

.UK Registration Renewals

When a UK domain name reaches 30 days before the WHO-IS expiry date, IN-NAMES will issue an email notification by email to the last known contact, usually the registrant. If no response is received within 14 days, another email will be sent and an attempt to call the registrants Telephone Contact will be made to advise the status of the domain renewal. If no response or contact is made, an assessment by IN-NAMES will be made using contact records, DNS data and website usage as to the decision and action to renew or expire (release) the domain name.

.UK Registration Expiry

When a .UK domain name becomes EXPIRED, IN-NAMES will release the domain name and it will become available to the general public to register. IN-NAMES are not responsible for any loss or liability if IN-NAMES have followed the prescribed expiry process detailed in this document.

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